Singapore 2014


Peter Reading Chair, Grain Trade Australia

Session 1: Australian crop outlook (wheat, barley, canola, sorghum)

Ron Storey, General Manager NZX Agribusiness Australia:  The Changing Face of the Australian crop

Michael Whitehead, Director - Agribusiness ResearchANZ: Prospects for the Australian grains industry in Asia

Session 2: Australian crop quality report

Dr Richie Williams, Wheat Classification Council, Wheat Quality Australia: Australian wheat quality

Dr Irfan Hashmi, Technical Advisor – Wheat GrainCorp Limited: Eastern region crop quality

Jonathan Wilson GM Logistics and Commercial Relations Glencore Grain: Southern region crop quality

Dr Richie Williams, Customer Stock and QualityCBH Group: Western region crop quality

Dr Larisa Cato Wheat Quality Specialist AEGIC: Major Asian markets for Australian wheat & end use suitability

Session 3:Delivering a quality product

Geoff Honey CEO Grain Trade Australia: Australian grain – a quality product

Richard Clark Chair GRDC: Innovations in R&D– future trends in Australian grain quality & productivity

Dr Larisa Cato Wheat Quality SpecialistAEGIC: Meeting quality requirements of Australia’s major wheat markets

Session 4: Tools to better manage Australian price risk

Dougal Hunter Manager Agricultural Derivatives ASX Limited: ASX futures – time for growth

Brett Cooper Senior Manager, MarketsFCStone: Key drivers of strategic change and solutions for managing risk & price in volatile markets

Neal Livingston, Managing Director Global Trade and Transaction Services Commonwealth Bank Singapore –Risk and the Financial Supply Chain

Session 5a: Meeting demands of the Asian Market  - Wheat & feed grains

Greg Harvey Managing Director & Chief Executive Interflour Holdings: Opportunities & challenges for the flour milling sector

Guozhi Bian, Vice Director of Feed Ingredients Technology,Guangdong Haid Group Co., Lt: Opportunities & challenges for the feed milling sector

Tony Smith Chief Operating Officer Plumgrove: What the customer is seeking

Session 5b: Meeting demands of the Asian Market  - Oilseeds

Nick Goddard Executive Director Australian Oilseeds Federation (AOF): Overview of the Australian canola market and recent production/export trends

Don Campbell, Head of TradingCBH Group: What the customer is looking for in canola seed

Jon Slee, Chair Technical Committee, AOF: Crop/ season quality profile