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AGIC 2017 - Global Trends: IsQuality’ Australia’s Trump card?

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Welcome: Peter Reading, Chair, Grain Trade Australia

 Opening Address: Joel Fitzgibbon, Shadow Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry

Session 1: Grain Markets and Outlook

Jeffrey McPike, Marketing Manager, McDonald Pelz Global Commodities LLC: Global market outlook for grains

Thomas Mielke, Oil World: Global market outlook for oilseeds, oil and meal

Session 2: Trade policy in a changing global environment

Sara Wyant, President, Agri-Pulse Communications, Inc.i., USA: Keynote address - The outlook for US and global agriculture policy post Trump and other globalpolitical changes

Session 3: Keynote address

John Wagner, CEO, Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport

Session 4: Changing demographics driving growth in Asia - focus on China and India

Louise van Meurs, First Assistant Secretary, Trade and Market Access Division, DAWR: Role for FTA's in the changing trade environment

Erlend Ek, Trade and Agriculture Research Manager, China Policy: Policy developments in China - implications for grain imports

Sumit Gupta, Business Manager, McDonald Pelz Global Commodities: India - future import demand for grains and pulses

Session 5: Technology driving improvements in information and quality

Daniel Redo, Head of Agriculture Research, Thomson Reuters: Technology to forecast longer term global S&D - can grain production meet demand?

Haydn Kuchel, Chief Executive Officer & Head of Breeding, Australian Grain Technologies: Breeding to serve a sophisticated grains industry

Tim Andriesen, Managing Director, Agricultural Commodities, CME Group Inc.: Technology and the impact on markets

 Session 6: Global food security and role for the grains industry

Katy Lee, International Grain Trade Coalition: Global grain industry working together to facilitate trade

Philippa Jones, CEO, China Policy: China's place in the global grains industry

Session 7: CEOs in profile - Interview with Emma Alberici <No presentations for this session>

Tim Hart, CEO, Ridley

Brendan Bourke, Chief Executive Officer, Port of Melbourne

Graham Turley, Managing Director, Institutional Australia ANZ

Session 8: Outlook for the domestic feed sector & strategies for future growth

Tess Herbert, President, Australian Lot Feeders Association: Role of lot feeding in the Australian grain market

Michael Whitehead, Head of Agribusiness Insights, ANZ: Australian feedlot sector

Luke Mason, Head of Grains Concordia Agritrading Pte Ltd, A member of COFCO International: South East Asia feed wheat demand - focus on Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand

Keynote address: Senator Anne Ruston, Assistant Minister for Agriculture & Water Resources

Session 9: Keynote address

Steve Jefferies, Managing Director, Grains Research & Development Corporation: A new direction for grains R&D in Australia - turning over the trump card

 GTA Nuffield Scholarship 2016 Winner Address: Jerome Critch, Grain Marketing Advisor, Planfarm Marketing Pty Ltd

Concurrent session 1a: Agricultural Investment - realising opportunities for investors and farmers

Kate Burke, Founder, Think Agri: Developments in direct investment – lessons for investors and growers

Rebecca Willson, Managing Director, Proterra Investment Partners: Investor perspective of Australian agriculture sector - challenges & opportunities

Fiona Simson, President National Farmers Federation: Farmers taking control of their destiny – the NFF case study

Concurrent session 1b: Building linkages between growers and the market

Richard Perkins, Head of Marketing & Advisory, Market Check: The Integration of the Australian Grain farmer into the supply chain, trade & Information Flows

Charlie Aldersey, General Manager, Commercial MSM Milling: KFC case study - linking consumers to the farm

Session 10: Growth in craft beers

Will Tatchell, Van Dieman Brewing: The rise and rise of craft beer

Peter Wilson, CEO, AGT Foods: Australia's first lentil beer

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